STEM South West - Hints for the Zero Days Capture the Flag Challenge

22 Nov, 2023

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If you attended the STEM South West Event at Cork City Hall on Wedensday 22nd November, use these hints to solve the Zero Days Challenge.

  • Level 1 - View the source code of hte webpage
  • Level 2 - Check the source code for hint to use Caesar cipher to decode
  • Level 3 - Again, check the source code for hint to use ROT13 to decode
  • Level 4 - Use base64 decoder to reveal the next level
  • Level 5 - Scan the QR code for the next level
  • Level 6 - Decode the morse code to solve this one. Answer should be lower case hints in the source code again
  • Level 8 - Again hints in the source code should hopefully help you find robots.txt file in the main folder
  • Level 9 - Last challenge, the dots represent braille. Some hints are in the question

If you get to the end well done!

Be sure to email the code with a parent or guardian in cc. Entries without a parent/guardian in cc will not be considered.

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